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The Questions Experience has evolved around the inspiration of The Questions. People from all walks of life have answered these amazing eight questions, and experienced wonderful awakenings and thrilling, life altering breakthroughs in the process. Now you can find your own answers to life's most compelling questions.

This program can be produced in 13 episode half hour segments to be sold to television networks as daytime programming. A lower cost yet very compelling competitor to Dr. Phil and other similar programs, The Questions features 7 people each episode from all walks of life into a workshop that has them personally answering 8 powerful, life changing Questions, and then being coached through their answers. Participants discover what stops them, what lights them, and how to connect with their true positive nature. The prospect for subsequent seasons and ongoing profits would be exponential because of the low cost of-production, the simplicity of the concept, and the demand in the market for personal/spiritual development especially among baby boomers.

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