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13 half hour episodes on Bloomberg TV was launched January, 2017. This is a one on one interview show hosted by Randy Lennon and featuring compelling business owners, entrepreneurs, and business visionaries from across North America. A “upside comes in the form of international sales through Visland Distribution division and through increased appearance fees as the show gains popularity. Biz 1on1 is also about building a world wide community of like minded entrepreneurs. Just as Ted Talks started as a simple format of 15 minute “talks” in front of live audiences, Biz 1on1 is a simple one on one interview experience that connects all Biz 1on1 Alumnis together as a community through the Biz 1on1 web site and mobile app. The first annual Biz 1on1 International Conference will be held in Scottsdale AZ in fall 2018.

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